Hello. I am glad to be here.

I am a long term Beta tester. I am completely sold on AMP. I am looking forward to the release and telling everyone about it.


  • Yes, good to be back. Haven't actually had anything to do that needs AMP for quite some time now... funny that, you'd think something big happened in the last 18 months.

    Also looking forward to seeing the first major release!

  • Yes. This past year has definitely thrown a few curve balls. We are EXCITED to be approaching our first major release as well. There are many new innovations in the works.

  • Hello everybody! As Matt, waiting for the v.1 release


  • Hi guys, also a Beta user from the old forum. Glad to be here.

  • Hello all,

    Glad to see a forum back up and running. I hope everyone has managed to stay healthy.

    I've been busy for most of the pandemic to be honest. A lot of virtual productions, which didn't really make much use of AMP. But I used the time and some SBA stimulus money to rework the main components of my AMP set up. Moved over to all Dante (well some MADI as well if really needed) and am about to start cleaning house of the way too many MOTU Audiowire based interface boxes I have.

    I'm using:

    RME Digiface Dante

    Ferrofish A32 Dante

    Allen and Heath DT168

    and some Atterotech (now QSC) pieces as well.

    Just finished the first good size show with at this past holiday. The show had to close a little early thanks to Omicron but overall it went well. It was a real hassle to get all the gear happily talking Dante but once it was all set up it worked well. Some things just really work best using DHCP and others really like to have a hard IP assigned.

    I did notice that some of the custom WDLs I created for use by an A2 didn't work correctly with the GUI. So I have to investigate that when time allows.

    Here is hoping for a safe and improved 2022 for everyone.

    Richard Ingraham

  • Howdy Y'all,

    Haven't checked back in a year or two after the first forum went south and the admin was making no appearances. I thought the project was washed up. Great to see it is still going (and still using alot of my graphics...).

    I quit playing and got out of mixing as well a couple few years ago. My current hobby is flying quad copters FPV (first person view), and now making my living as a photographer.

    Frank, Matt, Richard, great to see you are all still doing well.

    Bob, I hope everything goes well for you in the long run...


  • Hi Guys. I'm also a long time user almost excludively doing Live Music. I spoke with Bob a few months back and got my software up the the current posted versions.

    My system is AES50 based using the Lynx studio AES16e-50 card and running the Midas DL32 for input/output. The system also has a Midas M32c core linked in as a seperate monitor console.

    VST Effect plugins (Lexicon, ReaLAB, and Breainworx) are also being used through Live Professor as a host.

    Glad things are moving again!


  • And the spammers are already back!


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