Help Fixing a .wdl file issue

Many moons ago I created some custom WDL files specifically for the needs of mixing theatre, mostly musical theatre. All of my old custom views seem to still work just fine with the latest updates, except one. I have one that just shows the DCA assignment buttons in a long channel strip like layout. It's very useful for programming scenes for musical theatre. But for some reason it's stopped working properly. Sometime over the pandemic I believe this stopped working. Or what I mean is updates to AMPGUI have changed something and this file isn't working properly anymore. For some reason the DCA Assign to DCA 9 button shows up and works but none of the others do. I've looked it over multiple times, trying to see if I just have a dumb spelling error. But the code for the DCA 9 button looks the same as every other button other than geometry location.

Any ideas. I've included a link so if you really want to download and look at the code.


  • Hi Richardl
    Put a line identifier with a unique number in the code and it works.

  • Fred,

    Yes, Bob told me via email and showed me where the error was. Must have been something that was added to the wdl files at some point because the old file worked in the past. Although it was likely added a long time ago and I just haven't touched is in so long that I missed it.

    Thank you for the reply.


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